Experience Dolby Atmos With Netflix First On Xbox One

You have to hand it to Netflix, they are never ones to stand still or rest on their laurels. When the subscription service first started out they brought us a good selection of TV shows and movies for us to watch whenever we wanted for a small monthly sum. They then began creating their very own shows and movies, they embraced 4K and HDR and now Netflix are adding Dolby Atmos to their service and the first place you'll get to experience it on is the Xbox One and the Xbox One S.

So what is Dolby Atmos I hear you ask. Basically it's 3D sound, imagine if you will an underwater scene in a movie, with Atmos you will be able to hear the water gurgling and shifting all around you, another example would be if a plane flew over head, with surround sound you can hear the plane whiz by as the sound travels from one speaker to another but with Dolby Atmos the sound will actually come from above your head. It's all about placing certain sounds in a 3D space and this helps massivly by adding both immersion and realism to the shows or movies that you are watching.

Unfortunately Atmos will only be available for one movie at the start, this movie is the South Korean action film Okja, this is a film about a super pig of sorts that had its premiere at that Cannes Film Festival in May of this year. More movies will be added over time such as the anime film Blame and Will Smith's new movie Bright which is let for release in December later this year.

Now to avail of all this Atmos goodness on Xbox One there is a few things you'll need first. For a start you will need an Xbox One and a UHD Netflix account, you'll also require a Dolby Atmos enabled home cinema system, TV or soundbar. You can also get Atmos through headphones, for this you will need to download the Dolby Atmos Access app from the Xbox Store.

For now at least the only place to experience Atmos streaming will be on Xbox One but support for the 2017 LG OLED TV's will follow soon, these TV's have Atmos support already built in so there will be no need purchase a home cinema system or soundbar to enjoy it.

So there you go folks, another first for Xbox. I know the service is starting out slow but in time the content for it will grow and while Atmos for movies and TV shows will be awesome, I can't wait till it's standard in all major games going forward, sound is incredibly important in gaming and with Atmos it might add a whole new dimension to gameplay.

Are you excited by this, please leave any thoughts you may have on the matter in the comments below.

Image From ONKYO Youtube