Xbox One Gets Email With MailOnX

Thanks to the Universal Windows program the Xbox One will soon be getting loads of new Windows Apps, Beam and Twitter have already been announced and now it looks like the Xbox One will soon be getting its first Email app with MailOnX.  This brand new Email app has being developed by the good folks over at RedWater Technologies and will be available for the rather expensive price of $9.99.

So what exactly will you be getting for your $9.99?  MailOnX is only available on the Xbox One, there is no tablet or PC version which is a bit strange considering that this is a Universal Windows app.  The app itself features just about everything you would expect to find in a mail client.  MailOnX allows you to read and send emails, manage loads of email accounts from other mail providers such as Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo.  You can also lock the app, so you can keep your emails private if your Xbox One is being used by more than one person in your house, you set up email signatures and read your mail offline, the app, at this moment in time anyway, will NOT let you view your sent emails.

Now anyone out there that frequently sends messages on the Xbox One with their gamepad will no doubt be horrified with this, typing with the gamepad is a complete nightmare, it's ok for short little messages, but I can't imagine typing out a full blown work email with it, it's far to slow and clunky to be used as a serious input device for typing, you can purchase the Xbox Chatpad which would make the whole process a lot easier, because as of yet, there is no mouse and keyboard  support for the Xbox One.  MailOnX will offer users on the Xbox One some game images that can be used within the app as wallpaper.

I'll cut straight to the chase here, I just don't see the point of this at all.  Don't get me wrong, I love the fact that the Xbox One will be getting tonnes of new Windows apps, some will be useful, but I'm afraid some will be completely useless too.  Email just doesn't make sense on a console, why would you bother when it take two seconds to pull out your phone or laptop and type away.  Also the price is a bit much, $9.99 is a little steep to be honest and if Microsoft do ever decide to bring Outlook to their machine it will cost you nothing to download and use I'd imagine, making this app totally redundant.  For those of you out there that do want to have a email client on your Xbox, MailOnX is your only choice for now at least.

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