New Career System Coming Soon To Xbox One

Microsoft might be about to introduce a new Career system on Xbox One. This new Career system looks like it's going to bring experience points, quests and even loot boxes as rewards for the amount of time you play and the achievements you unlock.

The news comes to us from the good folks over at Windows Central who earlier today discovered a new sub domain on Xbox Live called "", which at this moment in time is unavailable to the public. Windows Central had the following to say on the documentation they received.

We've seen some features that Microsoft is currently testing that refer to a new "Career" system for Xbox Live, and while it seems to be in a very early phase, Microsoft is actively committing code and other systems to support its functionality.

This new Career system will bring an added layer to the games we play. Achievements and your GamerScore will remain the same but the Career system will now reward you with experience points for playing and it looks as though there might be some kind of ranking system introduced too. You will also be presented with quests to complete, taking part and finishing these quests will reward you with more experience points and, dare I say it, loot boxes.

The loot boxes in question are not the evil kind that have been causing havoc in our industry recently. Indeed, it looks as though players will NOT be able to be buy them using real world money at this moment in time anyway and the items found inside will only be mere cosmetic pieces to dress your, soon to be introduced, new Xbox Avatar with. The new Avatar update was meant to arrive late last year but it's my understanding that it will land early this year. Fingers crossed.

This looks to be another decent feature for Xbox One. The best thing about this Career system is that it's going to work with both your GamerScore and your achievements and not replace them. It looks as though it's still early in development so we might have to wait for some time before it sees the light of day, it could even be something Microsoft launch or announce officially at this year's E3. Time will tell folks, I'll keep you posted.

Would you like to see new Career feature launch as soon as possible or are you happy with the current GamerScore setup we have. Please feel free to leave any thoughts on the matter in the comments below.

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