Has The Xbox Scorpio Price Been Revealed

Microsoft recently shared the specs of their new baby, the Xbox Scorpio, with the good folks over at Digital Foundry and Eurogamer, you can check out their deep dive analyses HERE if you like. I think it's fair to say that at this stage we have a good bit of information on Microsoft's new mid generation machine. We know it will be out in time for Christmas, thanks to the great work done by Digital Foundry, we know what makes the machine tick, we know it hits it's 6 TFLOPS target, we know that it should be able to deliver on the promise of native 4K gaming and we know that the Scorpio will improve your gaming experience for both your old 360 and Xbox One titles.

What we don't know is, what the machine will look like and more importantly, we still have no bloody idea how much the thing will cost. That is till now, well maybe. You see, Spanish online retailer, Xtralife may have just let the cat out of the bag. They have run an add placing the cost of the Scorpio at $399.99 on their site. This tasty bit of info was noted by Twitter user DesiXBL and reported earlier by the folks over at Segmentnext. Now, this news should probably be taken with a grain or two of salt, the guys and girls over at Segmentnext are always pretty bang on when it comes to their news stories but this price listing for the Scorpio at Xtralife could just be a massive mistake.

The add itself looks legit, mind you the boxing for the console is obviously not going to be the final design, everything else on the page looks good. If this listing does turn out to be true, if the price of the Scorpio is really going to be $399.99, then I think Microsoft are on to a sure fire winner. The price was always going to be a major stumbling block, the tech that has gone into making this monster comes at a cost, a cost far greater than $399.99 I might add, so at that price point, Microsoft IMO must be selling the Scorpio at a loss.

There has been a growing fear with Xbox fans as of late, rumours that the Scorpio could cost anywhere between $500 – $700, Phil Spencer said himself that the Scorpio would be a "premium console", does that just mean that it will have a premium price tag attached to it, certainly at those prices I would be struggling to find the cash for it myself and I'm also pretty sure that I wouldn't be alone in that regard. There is also the problem with Sony and their PS4 Pro, you know dam well that the Japanese giant will reduce the price of the Pro just before the Scorpio comes out, and it only costs $399.99 right now.

For me, I hope this news turns out to be true, at $399.99 Microsoft can't lose, they will need to still to deliver on the games front but for that price, for what the console is promising, 4K gaming, high fidelity VR and improvements to the games you already own, its sounds just to good to be true. Fingers crossed people, all will be revealed either way at E3.

What to you guys think, at that price would you consider picking up the Scorpio at launch, please feel free to leave any thoughts you may have in the comments below.

Image From – trustedreviews.com