Forza Horizon 3 To Get HDR Fix Soon

Forza Horizon 3 was released back in September 2016, the game was developed by Playground Games (who are now rumoured to be bringing the Fable series back from the dead) and published by Microsoft. On Monday of this week the game received its Xbox One X enhancement patch, the patch brings true 4K gaming to your living room but there has been some issues with it too. Some One X owners are reporting that there is a bug with the HDR feature. Players are saying that with HDR switched on, the picture is either way too bright or way too dark depending on the situation in game.

Thankfully though Playground games seem to be aware of the problem and earlier, via a post on the Forza forum, reassured fans that they are working on the problem and that a fix will be on its way soon. This is what the Forza community rep had to say on the forum regarding the issue.

We are aware of an issue with the new Forza Horizon 3 Xbox One X Enhanced update that went out on Monday the 15th of January. This issue involves improper exposure calculation in certain situations, which can cause the screen to be too dark or too bright. This issue affects players on Xbox One X. We have identified the issue and will be releasing a fix; stay tuned for more information.

No date has been provided for the fix but hopefully Playground gets it sorted sooner rather than later. The Xbox One X enhancement patch for Forza Horizon 3 has otherwise been massively praised all week. Digital Foundry did their thing earlier in the week and found that Forza Horizon 3 running on the Xbox One X is just as impressive looking as the game running on a top end PC, the big difference of course, is that Forza Horizon 3 on the One X is locked at 30fps.

The game is displayed in true 4K with no checkerboarding or dynamic scaling. The open world nature of the game makes it very hard for Playground to hit that magical 60fps though, unlike Forza 7 for example, which keeps a steady 60fps throughout running in 4K but it can only achieve this because the game is a track based simulator, Forza 7 does not have a massive open world map to worry about.

Are you are having problems running Forza Horizon 3 with HDR, or maybe you are delighted with the enhancements for the Xbox One X. Please feel free to leave any Horizon thoughts you have in the comments below.

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