COD: WW2 Makes Half A Billion Dollars At Launch

Call Of Duty, people seem to either love it or hate it but there is no denying that it still remains a massive cash cow for Activision even after all these years on sale.

Of course it hasn't always been plain sailing for the the iconic series. Last years game, Infinite Warfare was probably the low point of the series for many fans. Its space setting and futuristic gibberish seemed to turn many people away. Incredibly enough though, even with all the bad press and backlash from the games hardcore fanbase, Infinite Warfare still ended up been one of the biggest grossing games released last year.

COD: WW2 is a return to the games roots, its grittier, violent and it relies on solid shooting mechanics and gameplay instead of stupid gimmicks like wall running and space battles. Some folks out there will argue that COD has only returned to the theatre of WW2 because of the success of Battlefield 1 last year but this is utter nonsense for me. Some of the best Call Of Duty games on the market are based in WW2 and fans have been crying out for a return to the "good old days" for years now.

Thankfully Activision have finally listened and it seems that Call Of Duty fans have responded with their hard earned cash. Activision have just released their annual Call Of Duty sales press release and the numbers are very impressive. 

The sales press release which was reported on by Eurogamer earlier makes for good reading if you are an Activision shareholder or Call Of Duty fan. It looks as though COD: WW2 has doubled the sales of Infinite Warfare from last year. It has taken in a massive half a billion dollars during its launch and it now even stands as the PS4's biggest ever digital download launch title. 

My Take

Look, I'll be honest here, I played lots of COD back in the day, Modern Warfare is my favourite title in the series and I recently bought the remastered version when it became available as a stand alone title. But these days I have no interest in any new COD that comes out and Infinite Warfare was the final nail in coffin. It more resembled TitanFall than COD, it just didn't seem right to me.

But now my opinion is changing again, COD: WW2 looks the real deal, I've still not played it yet but every review I have read points to a new era for COD, that WW2 is the game that fans have wanted for years and it seems from the launch sales figures at least, Call Of Duty is about to reclaim its throne as the FPS King on consoles.

What do you think COD fans, are you happy with this years title, do you think COD is back on track? Please feel free to leave any COD related thoughts in the comments below.

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