This Is The Police – Coming To Xbox One In March

This Is The Police is being developed by Weappy Studio and published by Nordic Games.  This title began life in Kickstarter back in January 2015, initially they hoped to raise $25,000 but ended up making more than $35,000 from the campaign. After coming out of Kickstarter, This Is The Police was first launched on the PC in August 2016.  The game is finally set to launch for both the Xbox One and PS4 in retail and via download on the 22nd of March this year.

This Is The Police is a real-time strategy/adventure game.  You control Jack Boyd, a Police Chief in a City called Freeburg.  The voice of Jack is being portrayed by Jon St John, this is the same guy behind the voice of Duke Nukem, a voice that is probably familiar to a lot of gamers out there.  Jack has been informed that he has only 180 days left until he is forced to retire, how you spend those 180 days is what this game is all about.

Your objective is simple, make $500,000 before your retirement date, how you go about this is left up to you. For example, you may talk to the local Mafia, you may decide to turn a blind eye to whatever is they are doing in order to get a cut of their profits.  The story in This Is The Police is dark and the choices you make have an impact on the politics of the police station you control and the faith of Jack himself. The game offers up various ways for you to make cash on the side but keeping yourself alive and keeping it covered up all depend on the decisions and actions you take.

Of course, This Is The Police is not all about been a dirty cop, you still have a job to do at the station.  During your day you will need to take calls relating to the various crimes happening in Freeburg. Some crimes may only require you to send an officer or two to the scene, other crimes however may require an entire SWAT team to deal with what is going on. You must strike a balance, how you manage these situations is critical in game as having no more officers left to deal with calls when they come in will mean that you have failed in preventing crime.  This will see you punished by having your wages docked or maybe by seeing a reduction in your squad numbers.

The game will throw you into pressure cooker situations too, you might be avoiding questions in the press room one minute or thinking on your feet at a crime scene the next, there might be some cross examinations in the court house that you will need to deal with also. Getting together that tidy little $500,000 of a nest egg without getting caught or killed will not be an easy or straight forward task.

This Is The Police had a bit of a mixed reception when it arrived on PC, scores varied from 4/10 to 10/10 but from I have read and watched, it seems that if your into your management strategy/adventure games, then you are going to have a real blast with this.  On the 22nd of March your last 180 days on the force will begin. Make them count.

Will you be picking this up? Are you a fan of this type of strategy game? Are you a dirty cop? Please feel free to leave any thoughts you may have on the matter in the comments below.

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