Deformers is the latest game from Ready At Dawn, they are the same folks that brought us the cinematic shooter, The Order 1886 on the PS4. The game will be published by GameTrust, the publishing arm of GameStop. This will be the second game that GameTrust have published, the other been Insomniac's Song Of The Deep. Development for Deformers began around the same time as work on The Order finished, and it is set for release on the 24th of the month.

Deformers is an multiplayer arena based brawler/shooter/throw em up that has you take control of a selection of colourful, cute animal blob like creatures called Forms. You can shoot, roll, jump, throw and defend on your way to defeating your blob like foes in either local 4 player split screen and 8 player online matches. You can play co op and competitive in both online and local modes. I'm all for some couch co op, beating your mates while they are sitting beside you on the couch is always more satisfying I find. 

The aim of the game is to destroy the other team, with the matches taking place in various arena types. Some are actual arenas, while others are set on multi levelled floating platforms and some even tilt as you go about pummeling you blobby adversaries to death. When you get killed in Deformers, you leave behind smaller blobs called tribs. These tribs can then be collected by other players and in doing so they refill your ammo stash and also replenish you health.

During the matches random power ups will be dropped for the players, some will allow you to suck up all the tribs on screen while others will make you more powerful for a short time. Once the power up's appear, I'd imagine the carnage goes all the way up to eleven, with players doing all they can to get hold of these game changing goodies.

From what I've seen and read of Deformres, it seems to play a bit like Smash Bros or even Rocket League, in that its fast paced and a whole lot of good old fashioned fun. It is, by all accounts and a very easy game to pick up and play but it also has a lot of tactics and dept to it as well. 

Deformers has been delayed a few times in the past but it should be out on the 24th, so maybe if you have been put of by Mass Effect: Andromeda's dodgy facial animations and supposed poor story telling, you can always spend your money on this and take your frustration out on a host of cute, colourful and playful blobs.

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