COD WW2 To Run In 4K With HDR On Xbox One X

Call Of Duty, unquestionably one of the biggest gaming franchises on planet Earth will see its next installment release world wide on the 3rd of November for Xbox, PC and PlayStation. As always the game will be published by the folks over at Activision but this year will see the return of Sledgehammer Games as its main developer.

This years COD promises to go back to its World War 2 roots and offer players a more "boots on the ground" experience after last years game, Infinite Warfare or COD In Space, proved to be just too silly for most with its space combat and futuristic mumbo jumbo. Although, in the finish up, it still turned out to be a huge commercial success thanks to its die hard following.

Now, as you may already know, Sony and Activision are tied up in a pretty close marketing deal which see's DLC arrive first on the PS4. The deal also employs Activision to promote COD, and Destiny for that matter, for the PlayStation platform only.

Now this kinda leaves the Xbox One or "the other console" as Sony and Activision like to call it, a bit out in the cold with Xbox fans not really knowing what to expect come launch. But now, thanks to a recently updated listing from GAME, certain details regarding the Xbox One X version of COD WW2 have slipped out.

You see, all Xbox One X enhanced titles will have icons emblazoned across the top of the box cover art to let players know what to expect when they boot up their new game on the One X. In the case of COD WW2, it clearly states on the front of the box that the game will run in 4K Ultra HD with HDR on the One X.

My Take

While these One X enhancements may be expected amongst Xbox fans, I think it's important not to get to carried away here. This marketing deal between Sony and Activision is pretty tight and I just can't see COD WW2 running at a higher spec on the One X than on the PS4 Pro. We have already witnessed this with Destiny 2, Bungie made it clear that both the One X and the Pro versions would be the same, that parity would be kept between the two. 

Now this caused a bit of a stir in the Xbox community, the One X has a clear power advantage over the Pro and Xbox players were hoping that Bungie would use that extra power to run Destiny 2 on the One X at 60fps, the same as it is on PC, but to no avail. Destiny 2 will run at only 30fps and be upscaled to 4K on both the One X and the Pro and this is all down to that marketing deal between Sony and Activision. Sony does not want to be left with an inferior version of the game.

The same thing is going to happen with COD WW2. Sledgehammer Games are going to find themselves in the same boat as Bungie and Xbox One X players will be left with a game that is not fully pushing the capabilities of the console because Sony yet again, does not want to find itself with an inferior version of the game. Which of course absolutely sucks, if I'm been totally honest.

What do you think folks, will you be picking up the latest COD come November 3rd, do you care about resolution or framerates, maybe you are also tied to a weird marketing deal with Sony that limits your life to a mere 30fps. Please feel free to leave any thoughts in the comments below.

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