Are Playground Games Bringing Fable Back From The Dead?

Fable was first released on the original Xbox way back in September 2004. The game was developed by Lionhead Studios and published by Microsoft. Since it launched all those years ago, Lionhead's action RPG went on to become one of the better loved Xbox exclusives that Microsoft had. The series has received tons of praise down the years for its brilliant story telling, humour and overall charm.

Less than two years ago, in March 2016, while Lionhead was hard at work on the more multi-player focused Fable Legends, Microsoft decided to cancel the project and shut Lionhead Studios in the process. This caused a bit of a shock in the industry, Fable was after all a very successful franchise for Microsoft and a very important Xbox exclusive in the fight against Sony and their all conquering PS4. The outlook seemed bleak for Fable and Albion.

That is until now, because now it looks as though it might be making a come back. There are stories popping up all over the internet today regarding a new game, a game that is to be developed by the same folks behind the brilliant Forza: Horizon series on Xbox and PC, Playground Games.

These rumours seem to suggest that Playground Games will be bringing a big budget Fable adventure to Xbox and PC in the coming years. Playground are set to employ over 200 staff in their brand spanking new office in Warwickshire, Fable is a massive undertaking after all and to do the action RPG justice, a large team will be required.

The new Fable will be built from the ground up for Xbox, this means that its release day is still some ways off but this is still great news for Xbox fans. Fable Legends getting cancelled was bad enough, then came the cancellation of Scalebound, while the constant delays to Crackdown 3 and Sea Of Thieves left Xbox owners with very little in the way of exclusives to look forward too, having a new Fable on the way is good news for both Microsoft and Xbox fans. Hopefully we don't have to wait too long to dive back into the beautiful world of Albion.

What do you think folks, would you be excited by a new Fable built form the ground up for current gen hardware, please feel free to leave any Albion related thoughts you have in the comments below.

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